Romance isn't always defined by roses candlelit dinners. Although there are plenty of restaurants in Canary Wharf to wine and dine at, activities as simple as buying flowers at Columbia Road flower market, or perusing the quaint boutiques of Shoreditch while sipping a latte from a local cafe, can be just as poetic.

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Fresh find: Forman’s Fish Island

Forman's Fish Island

Forman’s now has one of the most sought after views – the impressive, open-air Olympic stadium — and locations in the city.

Unforgettable European experiences

European Capitals of Culture

Winter in Europe is the time to be a part of the local culture with fewer tourists on the streets and one-of-a-kind experiences waiting to be uncovered.

Make the most of East London’s village feel in Victoria Park

The Bottle Apostle is perfect for the wine lover.

Give the West End a rest. Make the most of East London’s village feel in Victoria Park.

Ghosts, gouls and gourmet burgers

Tower of London By Night

It’s not every day you get to have a tour of the Tower of London, under the stars from the Chief Yeoman Warder, but the Twilight Tours allows you to do just this.

A major new exhibition reveals The World’s Lost Birds

Bruce Pearson - Greak Auk

A brand new and highly acclaimed exhibition aiming to throw light on the increasing loss of bird species across the world.

Adventures at the Worship Street Whistling Shop

Whistling Stop Black Cat's Martini

East London’s coolest new bar on the block is The Worship Street Whistling Shop, located between the City and Shoreditch.

The perfect date in East London

Four Seasons Canary Wharf is perfect starting point for a date.

London’s dating bible, The Great Date Guide, shares this inspiring, romantic full-day date suggestion in Greenwich.

East London’s Rocket Gallery

Rocket Gallery is known for its modern art and vintage furniture.

Examine the contemporary art and browse new and vintage furniture designs at this Shoreditch gallery.

The Making of a Great Date in East London

There's plenty to see and do in Greenwich.

Mary Higgs, founder of the Great Date Guide, gives her top tips on creating the best London date.

London’s Oldest Riverside Pub, The Prospect of Whitby

The Prospect of Whitby is one of the old pubs in London.

Have a pint at this 500-year-old pub where patrons have included Captain Kidd and Frank Sinatra.