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Faberge Eggs: More than just eggs

Faberge Eggs in East London

They’re startling in their uniqueness and breathtaking in their beauty and design.  Yes they are eggs but not just any old eggs. They are Faberge eggs.  The Faberge Big Egg Hunt, has been on since 21 February and will finish after the Easter long weekend. Around London there are 209 wonderfully decorated egg sculptures, designed by a wide variety of artists and closer in size to dinosaur eggs than chicken eggs, which range from exquisitely detailed and beautiful to crazy and obscure.

This project supports two wonderful charities – Elephant Family and Action for Children and the egg was chosen because it is a globally recognized representation of a new life and hope for the future, a symbol of both charities.

The aim of the contest is to find as many eggs as possible as each egg is accompanied by a unique key word. Participants then text in these key words and every time they do, they get put into the pool for the draw of the Diamond Jubilee egg grand prize.

In Canary Wharf’s own backyard there are eleven very different egg sculptures, set amongst the hustle and bustle of business and leisure. They are nestled against buildings, inside display cases and in the centre of squares. They’re eye-catching and fun and it’s like finding hidden treasures when least expecting it.

Top Tip: Take a look at the official website to bid on your favourite egg

Tracey Chatters, Communications Manager at Four Seasons Hotel London at Canary Wharf.  Tracey is a Canadian who has been working and living in London for 3 years. 

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