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A hidden away bar with a 1930’s club-like vibe

A hidden away bar with a 1930’s club-like vibe

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  • Unfortunately, I can’t really aesnwr this because it depends on the situation. The FTC rules do allow reviewers to be paid, but you must follow the rules when you write the review. For specific questions, you should call your attorney or, if you don’t have one, you can always call me if you are located in Colorado at 720-530-3405!

  • I read your downloaded book and as a nurse for the past 32 years and fiiishnng my MSN this year and will then hold two masters degree’s. I would love to start my own case management business, in the rural counties in and around my home focusing on helping seniors stay safely in their homes. There is a need for someone with my past experience to connect with physicians and hospitals and let them know I can do consultations with their patients and families and help them navigate ways to help their patient and family member stay in their home by providing consulting services regarding, safety in the home, their medications, the right doctor, when and where to go for services etc. But how do I start. Currently I am unemployed and soon I need to find a way to generate income and feel with my years of experience focusing on senior care this would be a viable service but don’t know where to begin or how.

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