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A Spooky History Lesson with the London Ghost Tours

The London Ghost Tour is a spooky trip through London's past.

London – a sprawling necropolis where the souls of previous ages have been just dying to meet you. The places you can discover on London Ghost Tours and Walks, a fun outing for a date or for your London family holiday, are far removed from the busy main roads and the well-trodden tourist routes. They are found in a nebulous world of silent shadows where you can confront your deepest fears as you ponder the untold horrors that might lurk around each and every corner.

The London Ghost Tours offer you an unrivalled opportunity to explore the creepy alleyways and old graveyards that lie scattered about the darker recesses of the hidden city. Here you will rub shoulders (so to speak) with the ghosts of kings and queens, the noble and the ignoble, the famous and the long forgotten. These lost souls are waiting for the moment when the shadows descend and every footstep echoes eerily through the darkness. They are longing for the late hours when the city workers have retired to the safety of their homes, leaving the streets and alleyways empty and deserted. Then, and only then, can these restless revenants walk by moonlight and venture into the courtyards and passageways of their city – their forgotten city – the City of the Dead.

So if you’re looking to learn a little about the city’s past, try a tour that’s packed with history … and haunting. A tour that will be both chilling and entertaining. A tour that will keep you on edge, casting nervous backward glances, ever wary of who, or what, might be shadowing your footsteps on the Haunted London walk.

For tour details and to book, see or call 44 20/8530 8443.


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